• Dartanion Silvertongue

    Dartanion Silvertongue

    A charismatic smart-ass. He may come off as a harmless half-elf, but don't underestimate him. Armed with a quick wit, and quicker reflexes; his foes are sure to find a dagger in the back, and their coin purse in his pocket.
  • Paldo Shortwick

    Paldo Shortwick

    Paldo is quiet and watchful always seems out of place, except when he's in the wilderness. Paldo has learned the Magic of the Druid circle becoming one with the wilderness itself.
  • Perin


    Not much is known about this monk from the Thunder peak Monastery. From humble beginnings he grew up within the monastery hearing stories about "the Muscle" (Terios GreatAxe) and the "mouth" (Dartanion SilverTongue) of Kord
  • Sorin Markov

    Sorin Markov

    Born to a family of Vrylokin Warlords. Rules the northern land with brutality and a Vampire Army until a visit from the RavenQueen came and changed all that.
  • Terios Greataxe

    Terios Greataxe

    7 foot 2 Minotaur. Nuff said